Success Stories

Karla, WIOA Youth currently completing CNA training, on-track to attend ASU as an Obama Scholar in Fall

After graduating high school, Karla was ready to make moves towards an exciting, new career. With plans to study, Medicine at ASU in the fall, to help prepare for this career path, Karla decided to enroll in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training offered through Providence Training Institute (PTI). Unfortunately, she faced financial struggles in paying for her classes, books and supplies. PTI recognized this as a barrier to her success and referred Karla to our WIOA Youth Program for help. After enrolling in our program, WIOA Youth Program is covering all costs associated with her training and providing her support services in the form of gas cards to ensure that there are no other barriers that could keep her from succeeding.

In addition to this, Karla applied for the Obama Scholarship. Her determination paid off as she was awarded the scholarship, which will pay for all 4 years of her education at ASU.

Way to go, Karla! We are proud of all you have accomplished and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

Juma, Youth Refugee Mentoring Program mentee

At 24 years old, Juma arrived in the U.S. last year from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was eager to join our Youth Refugee Mentoring Program (YRMP) with hope that he could get assistance in further pursuing his education. Despite already completing high school in his home country, Juma was told that his diploma could not be translated to an accredited high school equivalence. After hearing this, Juma was under the assumption that he would need to complete his GED before he can pursue his educational interests. But after meeting with our program Case Managers, we were able to find a company that could translate all of his credits and prove they were comparable to graduating from an accredited high school program in the U.S.

He was then co-enrolled in our WIOA Youth Program where he was given the guidance to enroll in ABL Cyber Academy. Juma is now on an education pathway to pursue his dreams of working in IT.

Congratulations, Juma!

Angelica, GED Graduate

When the opportunity for Angelica to receive her GED presented itself, she was prepared to take action. As something she had sought after for years, she was ready to embark on this 6-month journey to getting her GED. And with the financial assistance provided by CPLC Workforce Solutions that covered the enrollment fee for the class, Angelica was able to enroll in and reach her goal of completing our GED in Spanish class.

Angelica knew that getting her GED would open doors for more job opportunities, but an even greater motivating factor for her were her children. Angelica wanted to set an example for her daughter in high school to help motivate her to finish her education as well. Angelica made the effort to show up to class every week and study regularly to ensure her success in the class. She credits the class instructor for providing her with all the necessary material to prepare for the GED exams, as well as her fellow classmates for supporting each other along the way.

When asked if she could share a piece of advice to someone who may be struggling to complete their education she said, “Before anything gather all the information because there is a lot of help out there. Have a purpose in life and if finishing school is one, go for it. Don’t waste time…it’s never too late to complete your dreams”.

Congratulations, Angelica!

Richard, Bilingual Banking Training Graduate

As someone who had previously worked two jobs, Richard was looking to start in a new career path that would provide more stability and the potential for professional growth. So when Richard came across the flyer for our Bilingual Banker Training, he knew he couldn’t let this opportunity pass up. While working a full time job, Richard decided to dedicate his evenings to attend the Bilingual Banker Training where he was able to explore a new career that would ultimately lead him to landing a job in the financial industry!

Richard’s intent in taking the class was that he would apply the curriculum covered to achieve success in the financial industry- a field that was brand new to him. Some of covered curriculum included practicing cash handling and getting familiar with banking vocabulary. He was also able to receive assistance with updating his resume and mock interviewing, all in preparation for the banking related jobs he would apply for. It wasn’t long before Richard heard back from an employer impressed by his resume contacting him for an interview. Richard did so well in his interview that he was offered a full time position as an Employee Benefits Customer Service Representative, which would pay over $4 more per hour than his previous job!

Richard credits the guidance and assistance he received through the training in helping to make this possible.
“I always want to learn new things and knowing that the class is free and knowing I could get a better job opportunities I decided to take advantage of that… and now I’ll be getting better pay, I’m going to have better benefits, less physical work. I want to have a job which requires using my mind maybe it will be a bit different but I rather do something like that”.

We applaud your success, Richard! 

Jeanne, Retail Training Graduate

Last Spring, Jeanne came across a flyer on Facebook that sparked an idea for a new opportunity. This flyer was for our Retail Industry Training that was enrolling for its summer session. Fresh in her retirement from working office jobs and having “pretty much done everything around the house”, Jeanne thought working in Retail during the holidays would be a fun way to keep busy. She hoped that the Retail Training would help prepare her for this. In taking the training, Jeanne was able to learn Retail fundamentals that would later prove useful in new job with Fry’s Food. A position she was able to secure as a direct result of our Retail Training.

As a student in the class, Jeanne’s knowledge of the Retail industry expanded greatly. Some of the covered material included best practices when dealing with customer service issues and the importance of representing the company brand well. In addition to this, to help begin her job search process, Jeanne was assisted in identifying Retail jobs she could apply to and also how to tailor her resume for a retail job. As a student, she also had the opportunity to hear from recruiters from various local Retailers, one of which being Fry’s. Upon researching the company further Jeanne liked what she read and decided to apply for open positions. Within a matter of days, she got called for an interview and soon was made a job offer! Today, Jeanne loves her new role and feels the company aligns perfectly with her values.

Way to go, Jeanne!

Jovita, Congrats on your new job!

Finding the confidence to leave your comfort zone can be hard, but Jovita found a way to overcome this to better her future. Working a temporary, low paying job that provided no benefits and no room for growth, Jovita was ready for a change. After learning about CPLC Workforce Solutions from a friend, Jovita reached out to us for assistance in finding a new job. Through our services, Jovita was able to land a higher paying job at a major hospital that provides full benefits!

Before seeking out our services, Jovita was actively applying to many jobs but struggled to find anything. A major obstacle she faced while applying was being able to correctly complete job applications as English is not her first language. Through our services, Jovita was able to get assistance with accurately completing job applications and also in creating a new resume.

Today, Jovita is happy in her new position and believes it will be an excellent opportunity for her professional growth. Congratulations, Jovita! We applaud you for all your achievements and can’t wait to see what your future brings!

Dora, WIOA Youth WEX Intern & GED Graduate

Sometimes our accidents can lead us down a road filled with promising opportunities. This was definitely the case with Dora, when she accidently stumbled into our workforce office on the Rio Salado College campus. While looking to register for GED classes, Dora learned about the CPLC WIOA Youth Program that could help pay for her GED. She soon enrolled in our youth program and went on to complete her GED in record time. All before her 17th birthday! After graduating, she also was able to secure an internship with two CPLC departments.

After making the difficult decision to drop out of high school, Dora felt worried about what was next. But through the guidance and mentoring she received in the WIOA Youth Program, she found the motivation from within to achieve her goals. In her time as an intern, Dora showed great potential which lead to her internship being extended. Speaking about the support Dora received, she shares, “They [WIOA Youth Program] helped me out a lot and I didn’t think all these opportunities would be a part of it. My goal was just to get the GED done”.

Today, Dora is attending college to achieve her next big goal! Congratulations, Dora! We applaud you for all your achievements and can’t wait to see what your future brings!

Elizabeth, Bilingual Banker Graduate

When Elizabeth first learned of our Bilingual Banker Training, she had no idea how much of an impact it would have on her life. Nor did she predict the opportunity for success that would come from it. After spending a year working an unfulfilling job as a housekeeper while awaiting her documents, she was ready to explore different career opportunities. Under the suggestion of a family member, she attended one of our job fairs where she was informed of our Bilingual Banker Training. Seeing this as her chance to pursue a new career, Elizabeth turned down a job offer to fully commit herself to this 6-week class. Because of her dedication, Elizabeth successfully completed the training and secured a job with a major bank!

While Elizabeth did have some prior experience working in the financial industry in Mexico, the Bilingual Banker Training helped awaken her passion for the industry. She shares that the training helped her build the skills and knowledge needed to work in a financial institution, including cash handling skills and development of a financial vocabulary in both English and Spanish. As a native Spanish speaker, the class helped improve her English speaking and writing skills, which further boosted her confidence. 

Elizabeth feels that the on-going case management, coupled with resume development and job search assistance were beneficial to her overall success post-training. Now, in her new role as a Client Service Representative, Elizabeth has found the challenging yet rewarding position she was longing for. And with the opportunity for growth and movement within the company, Elizabeth’s success story is just beginning!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! We applaud you for all your achievements and can’t wait to see what your future brings!

Tony, Retail Industry Training & Credential Graduate

After becoming burned-out from working in a kitchen and growing tired of being yelled at by chefs, Tony decided to set his sights on a new industry. With no previous experience in retail, he enrolled in our National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail Industry Fundamentals Training & Credential. Through taking the training, Tony was able to gain a new skill set and was ultimately offered a position with an airport retailer.  

Coming into the training, Tony was skeptical and had doubts about succeeding based on his challenging life experiences. However, his thought process changed and he gained the confidence he needed. Because of his success in the training, Tony shares his experiences with others to convince them that the class might be beneficial for them too-

“I tell them what the program entails and if they are skeptical, I can tell them about my past. I had a really rough past. If I could do this, if I have lived in a homeless shelter and I’ve come this far in the program and everything, why can’t you?”.

Intent on landing the right retail job for him, Tony consistently applied for jobs and attended job fairs to see what was available. We are happy to see that his hard work has paid off. Congratulations, Tony! We're proud of all you’ve achieved and honored to have helped you excel on your path!

Mayte, WIOA Youth WEX Intern

Mayte exemplifies the resourcefulness and persistence needed to achieve one’s dreams. With guidance from CPLC Workforce Solutions staff, Mayte earned her GED, completed an internship, enrolled in community college, and obtained full time employment as a legal receptionist at a private law office. Mayte made these strides in four months—which was no small feat while raising a toddler.

Mayte heard of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program offered by CPLC Workforce Solutions while her son was attending Headstart. Through the WIOA program, Mayte set goals and identified the steps needed to achieve her dreams of one day becoming a lawyer specializing in family and immigration law. WIOA covered costs associated with her GED and other educational milestones; further, the education and care for her son in Headstart enabled Mayte to take on a full time work schedule. In her paid Work Experience (WEX) internship, Mayte worked with Workforce Solutions Data and Performance Analyst, Stefanie Leite. Mayte learned general office skills, including MS Office Suite, in addition to research skills which will serve her in college and her career. She also participated in the Bilingual Banker class which helped Mayte hone her business communication skills.

Currently, Mayte continues to work full time at a law office while simultaneously working on her college degree in law. Noting that there are lots of people that will help you achieve your goals, Mayte said, “She [Stefanie] was a great mentor since the beginning of my internship. She taught me how to prepare myself for a new position that will take me towards my career.”

Congratulations, Mayte! We’re proud of all you’ve achieved and honored to have helped you excel on your path!

Gail Siegel, Customer Service Agent Training Graduate

After a big move across country, Gail entered the job market looking for something new. With no previous call center experience, she enrolled in our Customer Service Agent Training. During the three day training, Gail was given the tools needed to build upon her previous experience and apply it to a new career. She shares that the case management services she received to update her resume, along with the opportunity to receive feedback from recruiters that visited the class was very beneficial to her experience. 

Thanks to the training, Gail was able to land a customer service job! After attending an on-site hiring event at a financial institution, she was offered a position as a Customer Service Representative. Gail feels very excited about her new career path, but more importantly, is confident in her ability to succeed. "I felt like I had a team with me, helping me, and it was so welcoming to me. I feel that everyone was totally prepared to go out into the workforce". 

Congratulations, Gail! We're so glad to be able to help you excel on your path!

November 2018 Customer Service Agent Training Graduates

Congratulations to the recent graduates of our Customer Service Agent Training! Please read below about their experiences. The next session of this free customer service agent training begins Tuesday, January 29th. Please register for this training at