Success Stories

Elizabeth, Bilingual Banker Graduate

When Elizabeth first learned of our Bilingual Banker Training, she had no idea how much of an impact it would have on her life. Nor did she predict the opportunity for success that would come from it. After spending a year working an unfulfilling job as a housekeeper while awaiting her documents, she was ready to explore different career opportunities. Under the suggestion of a family member, she attended one of our job fairs where she was informed of our Bilingual Banker Training. Seeing this as her chance to pursue a new career, Elizabeth turned down a job offer to fully commit herself to this 6-week class. Because of her dedication, Elizabeth successfully completed the training and secured a job with a major bank!

While Elizabeth did have some prior experience working in the financial industry in Mexico, the Bilingual Banker Training helped awaken her passion for the industry. She shares that the training helped her build the skills and knowledge needed to work in a financial institution, including cash handling skills and development of a financial vocabulary in both English and Spanish. As a native Spanish speaker, the class helped improve her English speaking and writing skills, which further boosted her confidence. 

Elizabeth feels that the on-going case management, coupled with resume development and job search assistance were beneficial to her overall success post-training. Now, in her new role as a Client Service Representative, Elizabeth has found the challenging yet rewarding position she was longing for. And with the opportunity for growth and movement within the company, Elizabeth’s success story is just beginning!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! We applaud you for all your achievements and can’t wait to see what your future brings!

Tony, Retail Industry Training & Credential Graduate

After becoming burned-out from working in a kitchen and growing tired of being yelled at by chefs, Tony decided to set his sights on a new industry. With no previous experience in retail, he enrolled in our National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail Industry Fundamentals Training & Credential. Through taking the training, Tony was able to gain a new skill set and was ultimately offered a position with an airport retailer.  

Coming into the training, Tony was skeptical and had doubts about succeeding based on his challenging life experiences. However, his thought process changed and he gained the confidence he needed. Because of his success in the training, Tony shares his experiences with others to convince them that the class might be beneficial for them too-

“I tell them what the program entails and if they are skeptical, I can tell them about my past. I had a really rough past. If I could do this, if I have lived in a homeless shelter and I’ve come this far in the program and everything, why can’t you?”.

Intent on landing the right retail job for him, Tony consistently applied for jobs and attended job fairs to see what was available. We are happy to see that his hard work has paid off. Congratulations, Tony! We're proud of all you’ve achieved and honored to have helped you excel on your path!

Mayte, WIOA Youth WEX Intern

Mayte exemplifies the resourcefulness and persistence needed to achieve one’s dreams. With guidance from CPLC Workforce Solutions staff, Mayte earned her GED, completed an internship, enrolled in community college, and obtained full time employment as a legal receptionist at a private law office. Mayte made these strides in four months—which was no small feat while raising a toddler.

Mayte heard of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program offered by CPLC Workforce Solutions while her son was attending Headstart. Through the WIOA program, Mayte set goals and identified the steps needed to achieve her dreams of one day becoming a lawyer specializing in family and immigration law. WIOA covered costs associated with her GED and other educational milestones; further, the education and care for her son in Headstart enabled Mayte to take on a full time work schedule. In her paid Work Experience (WEX) internship, Mayte worked with Workforce Solutions Data and Performance Analyst, Stefanie Leite. Mayte learned general office skills, including MS Office Suite, in addition to research skills which will serve her in college and her career. She also participated in the Bilingual Banker class which helped Mayte hone her business communication skills.

Currently, Mayte continues to work full time at a law office while simultaneously working on her college degree in law. Noting that there are lots of people that will help you achieve your goals, Mayte said, “She [Stefanie] was a great mentor since the beginning of my internship. She taught me how to prepare myself for a new position that will take me towards my career.”

Congratulations, Mayte! We’re proud of all you’ve achieved and honored to have helped you excel on your path!

Gail Siegel, Customer Service Agent Training Graduate

After a big move across country, Gail entered the job market looking for something new. With no previous call center experience, she enrolled in our Customer Service Agent Training. During the three day training, Gail was given the tools needed to build upon her previous experience and apply it to a new career. She shares that the case management services she received to update her resume, along with the opportunity to receive feedback from recruiters that visited the class was very beneficial to her experience. 

Thanks to the training, Gail was able to land a customer service job! After attending an on-site hiring event at a financial institution, she was offered a position as a Customer Service Representative. Gail feels very excited about her new career path, but more importantly, is confident in her ability to succeed. "I felt like I had a team with me, helping me, and it was so welcoming to me. I feel that everyone was totally prepared to go out into the workforce". 

Congratulations, Gail! We're so glad to be able to help you excel on your path!

November 2018 Customer Service Agent Training Graduates

Congratulations to the recent graduates of our Customer Service Agent Training! Please read below about their experiences. The next session of this free customer service agent training begins Tuesday, January 29th. Please register for this training at