The digital economy has fundamentally changed the way we organize our lives in many ways, including how we find talent and how we look for jobs.

Almost all jobs are posted online today and the majority of people looking for jobs go to online job boards for help. Talent acquisition and job searching has been digitized, but the disconnect between companies and people looking to be employed has widened.

Pipeline AZ (https://pipelineaz.com/) brings together cutting edge technology, forward thinking business leaders and innovative educators to align the supply and demand of the workforce ecosystem.

Pipeline AZ:

  • Matches the skills and interests people have with the jobs that require those skills and interests.
  • Creates efficiency in the system by limiting the number of jobs a job seeker has to look at and the number of applicants an employer has to review.
  • Provides a free, centralized repository for job postings using a common language.
  • Saves companies time and money on talent acquisition.
  • Establishes a digital marketplace for workforce resources in the region, such as apprenticeships, industry specific websites, certification programs and other training resources.
  • Includes career pages for over 750 careers - the average wages for various positions over the lifetime of the career, the credentials and education requirements necessary to progress, as well as actual job opportunities within the career.
  • Directly links to the training resources aligned with career pathways.
  • Showcases industry trends, events, in-demand jobs and news across 18 curated industry hubs that allow cross-industry exploration.
  • Facilitates lateral movement for job seekers with transferable skills relevant across multiple industries.
  • Provides data to educational institutions, governments and nonprofits to inform decisions related to programs and resource allocation.
  • Evolves continuously to keep pace with changes in the ecosystem.

Pipeline AZ connects people and jobs. It provides a place to explore careers and industries that are in demand now and in the future - and the required training needed to advance. Matching skills and experience, better and faster connections are made between people and companies across all industries.

If you're interested in this program, create your free account at https://covid19.pipelineaz.com/In the Case Management Group ID field, enter 9 to be assigned to the CPLC Workforce Solutions group.