Job Seekers

CPLC Workforce Solutions is here to help job seekers like you. We have the services and programs you need to find, prepare for and keep the right job. Every day, we help people here in the valley — of all ages and skill levels — connect with employment opportunities in a variety of industries. So… let's get to work!

How We Can Help

Put Our Services and Programs to Work for You

There are many ways we can help you find the right job, including:

  • Providing career guidance and assessment
  • Assisting you with your job search
  • Matching you with job opportunities that are the right fit for you
  • Preparing you with customized training, education, skills development and credentialing
  • Hosting hiring events where you can connect with employers
  • Directing you to social services, if needed

At CPLC Workforce Solutions, we take a personal approach with our clients. We will work with you one-on-one to not only assist you with finding a job but also to assist you with getting onto a career path. We work directly with a network of small businesses to large corporations and have developed a sizable network of employers who are looking for candidates such as yourself. So come see us and put us to work for you.